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Does size matter?

My birthday is coming up, so I was thinking of asking my husband to get me a Nook, Kindle or an iPad. And, it just happens that in my Educational Technology class, this week’s chapter focuses on “Hardware for Educators”. What perfect timing to investigate which tablet option is the best for me!  Whether it’s a house, car, pair of pants, bike, or new piece of technology, there are many things to consider when making a purchase. After doing some research, I’ve created a short flowchart to help sort out the options.

 For myself, price is an issue. I’m not looking to invest a whole lot right now. So, on the first level of my flowchart, I’m selecting price yes, size no. So, that leads me to consider the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire.  My main usage will include eTextbooks, books, magazines, some apps and music. In addition, my kids will read books, play kids’ apps and watch movies on road trips.

With the next question, my two biggest factors are storage space and access to content.  Although the Nook and Kindle are lower price investments, I want the device to be useful for years.  This way, my kids can inherit this device in the future, when I’m ready to upgrade to the next new device. Therefore, I want a device that will have room for plenty of videos, books and other various files. Nook offers the great option to expand on storage with an SD Card.  On the other hand, Nook does not have an Amazon or iTunes type service for TV shows and movies. It seems watching videos with WiFi would not be a problem for either device. But watching video without WiFi will require previous download of videos, with perhaps more effort required on the Nook.

Lastly, I went directly to the Kindle Fire site and the Nook Tablet site.  All and all, both the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire appear to be solid choices.  Right now, the larger online marketplace is making me lean toward the Kindle Fire. I’m open to hear suggestions from anyone with first hand experience!

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