My name is Kim Cloran and I am an Online Physics Instructor and Grad student. I live in Florida with my husband Jon, our son Ian and our daughters Kylie and McKayla. I like NFL football (Go Packers!), jogging/5K’s, biking, camping and photography.

Originally from Wisconsin, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Math. I then packed up and moved to Florida, looking for warmer weather! I taught AP Physics B, Honors Physics and Regular Physics in Palm Beach County, Florida, from 1998-2005.  Since 2005, I’ve been teaching High School Physics and Honors Physics online with Florida Virtual School, FLVS.

With experience teaching in the traditional school and online, my interests center on educational technology.  Currently, in my experience teaching online, I am continually testing out various web 2.0 tools to see how they may fit into my teaching. Since 2008, I’ve also been the Science Club sponsor at FLVS. With this role, I look for the best tools to help me share information with students, host online meetings and conduct our Virtual Science Fair.

In addition, the Clorantechblog was created in January 2012 as a semester long journal for my first master’s course in Educational Technology. I hope to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences regarding educational technology via this blog.

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