More Science Fair resources

After reviewing virtual science fairs last week, I wanted to revisit science fair resources too. There are countless sites for help with every aspect of participating and running a science fair.

Taimi Toffer Anderson (1937- ), 1956

Anderson, Taimi Toffer. 1956. Photograph. n.p. Web. 24 Apr 2012.

I’m considering expanding my current Virtual Science Fair to have a fall and spring event during the 2012-2013 season. Some of the resources I’m hoping to use include the following:

Society for Science and the Public

Intel ISEF Middle School Curriculum

Science Buddies

As of right now, I’m thinking about offering bi monthly Science Fair related meetings online to help foster understanding of what goes into a science fair project.  I think there are lots of kids out there that would like to get involved. Does any one have any other suggestions for other resources or ideas?! Any help is appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “More Science Fair resources

  1. kdturner26

    What wonderful ideas! Science is a very hard subject for many students and the more that they are able to enjoy what they are learning the more they will learn. I work with many homeschool groups. I do not know how big you want your group to get but I know that many homeschoolers would love to participate in things like this. If ever you want to open it up outside the public school system e-mail me and we can exchange some information 🙂 I also know students love to work with partners, maybe some group science fair projects? I wish you the best of luck and really am glad that you are working with science!

    Kristen G.T.

    • Thanks for the comments Kristin. I’ll see how things develop with my plans. It would be great to open our fair to the public at some point. And, group projects are a great idea too. A little harder to do virtually, but it has been and can be done. Would be a great 21st Century skill to teach kids at an early age.

  2. First off, I LOVE your photo! It definitely makes the point that those old poster boards are outdated! You had some great links and resources. I applaud your passion and enthusiasm about this topic too! Your students are very fortunate to have you.

    I think it would be great to get other teachers on board with you. That way the classes are encouraging and motivating one another. Maybe offer some kind of incentive for the students sharing their resources and ideas. In competitions, the students often try to keep their great resources and ideas to themselves so that they stand out. It would be great to set up the virtual science fair so that students earn points or something for how they share the technology and ideas.

    Best wishes to you!

  3. lydia0108

    I really liked the information you presented on this topic. I like the idea of taking something old (poster board science Fairs) to something new (virtual science fairs). I also appreciate the idea of having online meetings to go over the material.

    I think it would be great to have students using technology for a variety of purposes during the presentation.Like Kristen, I think it’d be amazing to allow them to work in pairs or even small groups. This is a great way for clearing too.

    Thanks for sharing such interesting ideas. =)

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