Richie & Red Angry Bird

What do you think about including Digital storytelling in Physics?

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

I’ve put together a digital storytelling project for my online Physics students (grades 10-12). Lessons leading into this project cover the topics of  basic motion and graphing motion. This project is intended as an application and summary assignment toward the end of the module, to assess mastery of the following standards:

  • SC.912.P.12.2:  Analyze the motion of an object in terms of the position, velocity, and acceleration (with respect to a frame of reference) as functions of time.
  • MA.912.A.2.2: Interpret a graph representing a real-world situation.
  • SC.912.P.12.9: Recognize that time, length, and energy depend on the frame of reference

Please review my curriculum page and example submission! I look forward to your comments and suggestions for improvement! Thanks for your time!

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5 thoughts on “Richie & Red Angry Bird

  1. Tonga Ramseur

    You did a Great job on your curriculum page and the example. You put the fun in physics! I like have you have everything organized, great lesson plan as well. I see that you choose the Green Bay Packers watch out next year Pittsburgh is coming to get ya!!


  2. Hi Kim!
    Great job on your Prezi! I thought that was a great idea to put the standards being met on this project on your blog. You encouraged me to go back to my blog and do the same…thanks! 🙂

    I liked that your digital story drew me in visually. It was very pleasant on the eyes! The graphics and text supported your story and enhanced the experience. The information and layout was logical and easy to navigate. This seemed very appropriate for your age group. Super job, Kim!!

    The only recommendations I would have would be to change the capture view for one stop on the Prezi (at the very beginning part of the title was cut off the screen). Sound would be nice, but I don’t think that’s available on Prezi (??) so maybe that doesn’t apply to this project.

    Great job! Bet your students will love incorporating Angry Birds and sports like you did!

  3. kdturner26

    I think you example was wonderful. I really thought the use of “angry birds” was creative! Students love things that they can relate to and I believe that this will really get them excited about physics and “everyday things”. I thought your color choice and font was great. I also like that you included standards on this page. I think this helps the reader really understand what your end goal is. I too, think I am going to go back and do that! I do not know a lot of Prezi but I do agree with Bren that one of your slides is a bit cut off at the beginning so you may want to look into that. Other than that one small thing I think your example and wiki page are looking really nice and I look forward to seeing the final project!
    Kristen G.T.

  4. citylovelydia

    Hi Kim,

    I love how your curriculum page is coming along. You are making a required curriculum cool with your use of sports and games. It is evident that your students would really connect to these topics and become interested in the science concept of motion.

    Speaking of science, I also like how you are integrating math too. They go together so well it seems to be the perfect fit. Your design on your digital story is clean and captivating. I like your use of colors and shape repetition. I also like how your Prezi outlined what their presentation would include specifically, and then you also gave them an exact example within the Prezi of what it will look like. I also like how you’ve included your standards as some others had previously mentioned. I think I’ll go back and add standards to mine as well it such a nice touch.

    Overall, great lesson that I just know your kids are going to enjoy. Especially if you really bust out the angry birds. =)


  5. Kim,

    I was immediately drawn to your wiki and example of digital storytelling because Physics happens to something I enjoyed in my late high school and early college years. Additionally, my seven year old brothers have…a liking of Angry Birds, so I immediately was intrigued by “Red Angry Bird”.

    Looking at your wiki/curriculum page itself, I liked it right off the bat. Your tone was very engaging and exciting, letting me know as the reader that you’re enthusiastic about the topic. It’s organized in a manner that’s easy to follow.

    Finally, I really enjoyed your prezi! I am still fascinated by how amazing those presentations can turn out. It’s straightforward and perfect for the age group your presentation is for. I also have to agree with some of the people above me on two points. 1) Including the standards was a great idea… I want to go back and add that to my blog. 2) The second slide is a bit cut off on your prezi.

    Overall Fantastic job! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Amy R.

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